Admissions tutors Dr Almudena Ortiz and Dr Kayleigh Rose give their top tips about how to write a personal statement for biology, marine biology and zoology courses. 

  • Tell us why you want to study biosciences – have you visited an inspirational place or met someone working in the field?
  • Explain what it is about biosciences that interests you and why. What do you expect to explore during your degree?
  • Demonstrate your passion for the subject. Here, you can describe some experiences or activities that have contributed to develop your enthusiasm for the discipline. – have you volunteered in any conservation activity?  Have you looked after the environment? Do you have any laboratory or field research experience?
  • Show how you’ve kept up to date with the latest news in the subject – what do you read, what do you watch? Who / What inspires you?
  • Do you have any relevant work experience? If your work experience isn’t relevant for a biosciences course, tell us about the skills that your job has taught you, such as time management, leadership, or team working.
  • Be relevant – we do like hearing about what you do for fun but focus most on makes you a good biologist and how you can contribute to the University community.
  • Proofread and check everything twice – ask other people to read through it and check there are no mistakes.
Infographic showing biosciences is 7th in the uk for research