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About this trip

Explore the flora and fauna of the rainforest, mangroves, waterfalls and streams of the breathtaking Danum Valley, home of the orangutan and the hornbills. The Field Centre where you will be based is situated within the largest and richest remaining area of lowlands rainforest in SE Asia with over 200 species of tree per hectare. The rainforest itself is 130-million years old and contains the rarest and most endangered Borneo wildlife.

This is an interdisciplinary field course where Biosciences and Geography students will gain a unique insight into the impact of logging and land-use change, forest management and conservation, forest ecology and microclimates.

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My Borneo Field Course experience, 

Mitchell Brain

"My second-year field course in Malaysian Borneo is the highlight of my degree so far! Just getting the chance to experience the culture, landscape and climate of Borneo helped to develop my academic abilities, and it put everything that we've been taught into context. Collecting data in an environment I had never experienced before and having the opportunity to contribute to big impact scientific studies, even in a small way, were the most exciting aspects of the field course. Trying to understand the impact of deforestation, land use change and climatic change on tropical rainforest had never felt so important, especially concerning sustainable environmental policy we are implementing to protect our planet."