Coastal Engineering

Langland Bay

Environmental Assessment and Analysis

Water quality

Marine Benthic ecology

Rocky shore and seagrass

Open Water Ecology


Areas of research

  • Sediment dynamics and morphology, with particular focus on climatic change
  • Coastal surveying techniques (Photogrammetric UAVs and Terrestrial Laser Scanner)
  • Ecological engineering to improve coastal biodiversity and resilience

Specialist expertise across two colleges, ESRI and Biosciences, to the marine and coastal energy sector.

Areas of research

  • Water Pollution
  • Ecosystem Health and Management
  • Coastal Water Quality

Areas of research

  • Coastal Surveys
  • Off-shore Environments
  • Conservation Issues

Areas of research

  • Biocoustic monitoring
  • Environmental impacts of marine renewable energy devices on marine mammals and seabirds
  • Animal movement, energy costs to diving seabirds
  • Effects of oceanography on foraging behaviours of marine mammals and seabirds