Dr Ruth Callaway

Science Officer, SEACAMS2
Specialist subjects:
Benthic infauna and epifauna, marine ecology, biodiversity, statistical analyses of benthic communities.

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Dr Richard Unsworth

Science Officer, SEACAMS2
Specialist subjects:
Seagrass and fish ecology, coral reefs, Marine conservation and environmental change, Environmental Impact Assessment

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Sam Rees

Sam Rees

Technical officer, SEACAMS2
I have a background in aquatic husbandry. I am keen to replicate natural conditions ex situ to understand the complex drivers of natural life and the effects climate change. Current project involvement includes seagrass restoration, development of BRUV techniques and benthic ecology monitoring.

Keith Naylor

Skipper and Marine Technician, SEACAMS2
Keith has over 20 years experience of boat handling and over 15 years experience of running research vessels coded to commercial standards. At present Keith is the skipper for Swansea University's research vessel RV Noctiluca soon to be replaced by the RV Mary Anning

Dr Novella Franconi

Research assistant, SEACAMS2
Research experience includes movement and behavioural ecology and applied experience in natural resources management; population and invasive species surveys, behavioural observations, capture-mark-recapture and radiotracking, and 5 years experience as Research Project Manager. Recently specialised in database management/curation. Currently developing a relational database for animal biologging data recorded with the Swansea Daily Diary technology.


Max Robinson

Seagoing Technical Officer
With a BSc Hons in Marine Biology and a commercially endorsed Advanced Powerboat Certificate of Competence I skipper the survey RIB for inshore and coastal survey work. Experienced with benthic sampling, demersal and pelagic trawling techniques, plankton and water quality sampling methods. Other experience includes side-scan sonar, multibeam and fisheries sonar survey methods, as well as underwater visual methods such as BRUV and drop down camera systems.