Dr Christopher Lowe

Science Officer, SEACAMS2
Research expertise:
I am a marine biologist, specialising in planktonic micro-organisms, but with a broad basis of understanding of marine systems, ranging from benthic marine surveys, maritime and environmental law, and intertidal survey to large scale modelling of the marine environment with human societies and the economy.
Swansea webpage: 
Bettina Walter

Dr Bettina Walter

Science Officer, SEACAMS2
Research expertise:
Marine primary production;
plankton ecology and phytoplankton zooplankton interaction;
hydrology and water quality;
anthropogenic impacts on the marine environment.

Dr Dania Albini

Laboratory Technician, SEACAMS2
I am an aquatic ecologist (Bachelor and Master's Degree in Ecology and Conservation of Nature) , specialised in zooplankton and phytoplankton ecology and biology. I work part-time in the SEACAMS group as a Laboratory Technician, focusing on biological water quality issues associated with coastal businesses, performing DNA and morphometric analysis on fish.
Talk to me about: phytoplankton and zooplankton ecology and taxonomy, predator-prey interactions, toxicology analysis using Daphnia as model organism, laboratory analysis, pond and river sampling.