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Natural Products – Emerging Opportunities

Tuesday 18th & Wednesday 19th July 2023, Great Hall, Bay Campus, Swansea University

This is a networking event to establish consortia of interdisciplinary expertise & innovative tools to fast track the research translation to the development of novel products and services

Led by the Natural Products BioHUB, the event offers a unique opportunity to explore opportunities for natural product development in pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and the food industry.

Natural Products are compounds derived from living organisms, including bacteria, fungi, algae, plants, and others. They represent a vital source for high-value pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and the food industry. There has been much progress in the development of natural products, however, only a tiny fraction of the potential of natural products has been explored and exploited. Natural products are key to address and play a part in solving our current health and environmental crisis.

The recent advances in computational biology, artificial intelligence and experimental high throughput research offer an opportunity to accelerate product development by exploiting synergies and potential across diverse stakeholders.

Our Event

This networking event will bring together expertise from multidisciplinary research, industry, and the public sector to establish consortia and jointly enhance the R&D capabilities. The event will focus on the following key themes:

1. Bioprospecting for new bioactive molecules from underexploited aquatic and terrestrial sources

2. Extraction, purification & structure elucidation of bioactive compounds

3. Current & future platforms for biodiscovery and bioactivity screening

4. Computational modelling and artificial intelligence approaches for natural product research

5. Animal and non-animal testing systems

6. Formulation & application technologies

7. Success stories (Start-Ups & collaborative Networks)


The event will take place over two days (Tuesday 18th & Wednesday 19th July) at the Great Hall.

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