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Carly Green

BSc Zoology, Propagator at National Botanic Garden of Wales

Swansea University gave me the best environment to grow into a fully-fledged scientist, but it also allowed me space to decide for myself what it was that I cared about.

Leaving home to move to the other side of the country was a scary but ultimately amazing decision and it really changed the path my life was following. I think Swansea has the friendliest bioscience department in the country - it’s not only has world-leading researchers teaching you about discoveries as they are making them, but it felt like everyone genuinely cared about my welfare and wanted to see me succeed. I was lucky enough to have a fantastic supervisor at Swansea who always had his door open for students to drop by for advice no matter how busy he was. It was at one of these casual meetings, over a cup of tea, that he told me about an apprenticeship program being set up at the National Botanic Garden of Wales nearby. After completing the apprenticeship I was hired by Wales Botanic to lead a project conserving welsh native species, as well as growing Mediterranean-climate plants from around the world.Now I collaborate with botanic gardens around the country to preserve some of the rarest species in the UK and Europe.