Swansea University Research Vessel Noctiluca

The R.V. Noctiluca is a 12.5 m x 5 m catamaran able to provide a safe and stable platform for research work in the Bristol Channel and Irish Sea. With an operational range of 500 miles, 16 knot cruising speed and space for 14 adults, the R.V. Noctiluca is the ideal craft for survey work and student teaching.

An undergraduate degree in Marine Biology at Swansea University entails students learning key skills for sampling in the marine environment. During a number of trips on the R.V. Noctiluca, second year students practice an array or techniques that will stand them in good stead with any potential employer looking for hands on practical skills.

Many third year projects are also carried out based on data collected by students on board the R.V. Noctiluca. With all key gear on site and on hand, projects can be as diverse as the marine environment with the Welsh weather being the only possible stumbling block.


New for Autumn 2018, the R. V. Mary Anning 

Blyth 1From estuaries to the sea shelf, the spectacular coastline of Wales is buzzing with diverse habitats and wildlife, and provides tremendous potential for developing a low carbon, sustainable economy to ensure the well-being of future generations in Wales. 

Swansea University has long been a leader in training Marine Biologists, conducting high impact research, and assisting the conservation and sustainable development of the marine and coastal resources in Wales. Now we are ready to make new waves again! 

New boat under construction 2Swansea University has invested £1.3m in the construction of a purpose-built 18 m catamaran-class survey vessel. The new vessel can accommodate 26 passengers and have a top speed of 23 kts with cruising at about 16kts, and will be equipped with state-of-the-art survey and research equipment. 

From surveying the coastline to mapping critical habitats, studying water quality, observing marine wildlife and deploying marine equipment, the new vessel will support the best teaching, research and business assistance Swansea University has to offer. The new vessel is scheduled to launch in Autumn 2018.