This program, developed by Mark Holton, allows Daily Diary users to examine their data as soon as they are acquired. The program reads the data directly and then presents the channels simultaneously as a timeline. It allows easy, immediate access to the raw data as well as providing various derivatives (VeDBA, ODBA etc.) allowing easy zooming and manoeuvring within the file. Data, and the results of various analyses (such as Fast Fourier Transform outputs) can be exported directly as csv files for further processing.

For more information on ODBA see Wilson et al.


Grappler is conceived to allow tag users to explore large datasets for patterns. It is set up to work extremely efficiently with single, or multiple, large datasets simultaneously, and allows compelling multi-dimensional, interacting visualisations  to be shown to the user, and thus highlight patterns that might otherwise be hidden. 

What we see depends on the glasses you wear, and Grappler gives you boxes of different glasses to help the user see the world as never before.