Gwendoline Wilson

MSc by Research Student

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About Me

I am a psychologist (Undergraduate degree from the University of Nottingham) working in the area of animal movement using people as a model organism. Perhaps surprisingly, people seem to adhere to many of the same principles regarding rules and reasons for movement as do animals. I am currently just finishing my MSc (funded under the  KESS scheme) entitled ‘Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship’, after which I will begin a PhD, here at Swansea, which will look at the way people navigate in urban and natural environments and how new technology is changing patterns of behaviour.

Areas of Expertise

Deployment of tags (Daily Diaries and Human-Interfaced Personal Observation Platform – HIPOP) on people to look at how subjects inform themselves about their environment.

Examination of the behavioural patterns exhibited by people confronted with wildlife and “green” surroundings.

Ground truthing of a new tag to examine how people inform themselves about their environment.


G. I. Wilson, M. D. Holton, J. Walker, M. W. Jones, I. M. Davies, A. Luckman, D. Clarke, N. Russil, G. Proffitt, V. Wilson, R. Plummer. “How much of what we see goes to our head? A new device for assessing gaze direction in an outdoor setting.” (submitted)