Only use the water you really need

Conserving water

Running taps can waste up to 6 litres of water a minute. Keep tap water in the fridge to cool instead of running the tap until it is cold and don’t leave the tap running while you are brushing your teeth. Make sure you have a full load before washing your clothes

Let nothing but water go down the drain

Let nothing but water go down the drain

Fats, oils and grease can cause blockages in drains and sewer pipes as they solidify which can cause sewer water to back-up in the drains.

Dairy products, such as milk and cream, are highly polluting to aquatic environments as they starve the water of oxygen as they degrade. Please don’t allow anything but water to go down the plug-hole.

Tell Estates about leaks and dripping taps

A dripping tap can waste up to 140 litres of water a week - that’s enough for 4 showers! Let the Estates Department or your Residences Site Office know immediately if you spot any dripping taps or water leaks.

Report spillages immediately

Let Estates know immediately if you notice a spillage of any kind that could enter the drains. Even substances that are not marked as hazardous can be polluting, especially dairy products like milk and cream.