Freddie on Ski Slope

Q: Why did you choose the University of Oklahoma (OU)?

A: Choosing the University of Oklahoma (OU) was the natural choice for two reasons: it is a fantastic campus university set within a fun college town, and it was astronomically cheaper than studying in California. Oklahoma is a bit of strange choice though, it isn’t exactly the most ‘happening’ place in America, but it has a small town classic American feel to it that you can’t get in the urban metropolises elsewhere.

Q: Did you travel or get involved in many activities?

A: While living in Oklahoma I did a wide variety of activities: going shooting at firing ranges, seeing university sports (that you get discounted tickets for), and taking road trips across the state and all the way up to Chicago. During my time there I also visited Boston and spent spring break in Austin, Texas followed by snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado.

Q: What about on campus, were there many things to do?

A: Back on campus, OU itself has plenty to offer prospective students to keep them entertained. Such as free gym memberships and fitness classes, to your own swimming pool and hot tub and basketball court – if you live in Traditions Square. 

Q: Did you have difficulty adapting to anything?

A: At first it was a bit of a culture shock, and I did briefly wonder why I had chosen the Midwest and not Baltimore or California. This quickly subsided, however, and I really enjoyed my time there. By the end of the semester I had made friends from all over the world, acquired a gratuitous amount of OU merch and I only wished that I could have stayed there longer.

Freddie during Study Abroad.