This project comprises the first large-scale, comparative analysis of the representation of National Socialism in post-1945, transnational crime fiction, including adaptations for television and film.

After identifying the key features of this subgenre (‘NS crime fiction’), the project investigates three main areas:

  • the texts’ conceptualisation of history, memory, guilt and justice in the context of dominant historical, political and cultural discourses
  • the ways in which the works seek to shape public perceptions of the Nazi era through the manipulation of generic conventions and claims to historical authenticity
  • and the cross-cultural traffic between German- and English-language texts and films.

The research is led by Dr Katharina Hall, a specialist on post war and contemporary German literature and German and transnational crime fiction.

The main output from the project will be a monograph, Detecting the Past: Transnational Representations of the Nazi Era in Crime Fiction, Television and Film.