Cymunedau Cysylltiedig: 
Working with the Community to Develop 
Local Heritage Projects and Research

Black and White image of a welsh community

Since its establishment in 2012 the Connected Communities project has continued to celebrate and research community heritage in Swansea and beyond. The project supported by the Research Institute For Arts and Humanities (RIAH) at Swansea University continues to develop and expand to include projects and outputs from across a diverse range of disciplines.  Additional researchers, professional partners and community groups have joined the project to collaboratively design and implement community-focused research, including 3rd and voluntary sector partnerships and projects as well as those focused on social policy.

Research and projects activities include for example the history of disability and the medical and digital humanities.  The project also develops and supports events and festivals lead by RIAH and Swansea University in areas such as theatre studies, creative writing, heritage tourism and the interpretation of the historic environment, including the Hafod-Morfa Copperworks Project – CU@Swansea.

History of the Connected Communities Project

Cu@Swansea received an AHRC Connected Communities grant in January 2012.  This funding enabled the project team to ensure that local community groups remain at the heart of the research being undertaken on the Hafod-Morfa site.  It facilitated engagement with local community groups by helping local groups to prepare project bids for the Heritage Lottery Fund All Our Stories scheme.  In October 2012 the Heritage Lottery Fund awarded funding to six of the project bids and since then these community groups have been working in partnership with Swansea University on their projects.  In January 2013 the AHRC awarded CU@Swansea follow-on funding worth £39,442 (Phase 2).  With this new funding the project team was able to continue expanding its promotion of community-based research projects.

Connected Communities Festival Film