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Centre for the Study of Culture and Politics


Research conducted within C-SCAP starts from recognition of the fact that a political regime is composed of a range of social and economic institutions as well as collective and individual practices that both express and create ‘a way of life’. Such ‘ways of life’ are a proper object of study for those concerned with Politics and International Relations and we strive to understand them, their management, transformation and contestation; examining the interaction between the institutions involved in the creation of legislation or the formation of foreign policies and artistic productions, political rhetorics and ideologies, experiences of the body, media systems, identity formation and so on. This requires conceptual development and the historical analysis of ideas, values and experiences as they have been expressed, presented and re-presented over time.

The Centre therefore hosts and promotes research that combines the disciplinary strengths of philosophy, intellectual and cultural history, sociology, media and communication studies with the traditions of political studies. While broad in interests its focus can be summed up as a concern with understanding and analyzing the ‘politicization’ of culture and the ‘culturalisation' of politics.

C-SCAP promotes research in this field and organizes conferences and symposia to create opportunities for its development. Already hosting a variety of research projects we are currently expanding into the support of postgraduate and postdoctoral research - enquiries regarding these are welcome.

For further information, please contact: Prof. Roland Axtmann (Director of C-SCAP)

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