Swansea historian recounts story in 'compelling' BBC documentary

Swansea historian of medicine Dr. Michael Bresalier is one of a number of experts on an upcoming BBC2 documentary, The Flu That Killed 50 Million (airing 25 September, 9pm).

Michael BresalierMarking the 100th anniversary of the 1918 influenza pandemic, it is described as a compelling documentary  that combines graphic historical reconstruction with expert commentary to bring to life the terrifying onslaught of the pandemic for those who lived through it, and the hope of the pioneering scientists who desperately sought for a cure. It is narrated by Christopher Ecclestone.

Dr. Bresalier recounts the harrowing story of the USS Leviathan, an American transport ship which left New Jersey with soldiers already sick with influenza and struggled to cope with rapidly escalating numbers of men stricken with the disease.  Arriving in Brest with hundreds of sick men, the Leviathan is now thought to have been one of the ships that carried influenza to the battlefields of France, from where it spread around the globe.