The Re-Emergence of Virtual Reality

Swansea University's Dr Leighton Evans will discuss his new book The Re-Emergence of Virtual Reality at a launch this month.

The book interrogates the implications of VR’s re-emergence into the media mainstream. People attending the launch will be able to try out some virtual reality experiences.

"The book appraises the idea of a VR as a revolutionary medium by analysing the development and ownership of VR companies, while also exploring the possibilities of immersion in VR and the importance of immersion in the interest and ownership of VR enterprises," said Dr Evans.

"It assesses how the ideologies and desires of both computer programmers and major Silicon Valley industries may influence how VR worlds are conceived and experienced by users, exploring the mechanisms that create the immersive experience that underpins interest in the medium."

The Re-Emergence of Virtual Reality is one of the first book-length academic analyses of the growing cultural phenomenon of VR.

"I hope it will set parameters of theoretical and empirical discussion of the medium in years to come as VR moves from the margins of digital media to an everyday commercial and consumer medium," said Dr Evans.

The launch takes place at Taliesin Create at 3pm on Monday, January 21. All welcome.