Day One, 11.30am - Studio Room

The panel will bring together some recent research to look at Wales’ relationship with the world from a number of different disciplinary and thematic perspectives. It will look at how the parts of the wider world perceived Wales and how Wales’ own internal dynamics structure how it saw the wider world.

Dr Geraldine Lublin– How is Welshness viewed from Patagonia, the Welsh settlement or colony in Argentina.

Dr Kathryn Jones– Looking at findings from the AHRC project European Travellers to Wales 1750-2010. The project uncovered a vast number of travel accounts to Wales in numerous European languages.

Prof Martin Johnes- examining how the feelings and marginalisation and decline that contributed to Welsh support for the UK’s departure from the EU were rooted in a long history of de-industrialisation and its impact of senses of community decline and cohesion