Day One, 9.30am - Open Space

This panel seeks to develop inter-disciplinary discussion about how we conceptualise and study ordinary people’s decision making as part of broader political, social and economic phenomena. One presentation looks at issues of legitimacy, trust and psychological justification in assessing what affected people’s decisions about how to vote in the 2017 EU referendum in the UK. A second paper addresses the phenomenon of Syrian refugees in Turkey in creating a diaspora business community and the issues that affect people’s economic behaviour when they are migrants and how that behaviour is responded to by the host society.A third presentation looks at the behaviour of poor small farmers in developing countries and how their approaches to child schooling versus child labour is shaped by international prices in agricultural goods.What conceptual approaches can help us to analyse what determines people’s decision-making in challenging situations?

  • Dr Dion Curry- The Political Psychology of Brexit: Legitimacy, Trust and the ‘People’s Will’ in Political Decision-Making
  • Dr Emel Akcali- Business people in war times, the ‘shy capital’ and diaspora business: the case of Syrian refugees in Turkey
  • Dr Dario Debowski– Adverse terms of trade, institutions and child labour

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