Day One, 2pm - Studio Room

Members of the interdisciplinary Burton Centre for the Study of Wales will discuss and reflect on their experiences of working with partners in the creative arts, the community, the heritage sector and in industry, with reference to five key research projects. By comparing and discussing these different case studies of collaborative research, the aim of this panel session is identify some of the factors that make for the forging and sustaining of good research partnerships beyond the academy

Two projects on Welsh writing in English - the ‘Literary Atlas’, which maps English-language novels set in Wales, and the ‘Amy Dillwyn’ project, which looks at gender, sexuality and national identity – incorporated collaborations with artists to create new artworks and co-create new research questions. 

The ‘Welsh Memorials to the Great War’ project has amassed new information on unofficial war memorials in Wales, used by partner organisations to produce online resources.

Finally a new project on ‘The Social Worlds of Steel’ engages with staff at Tata Steel and professionals in the museums sector in Wales to review how the history of the steel industry and its impact on Welsh communities, is communicated to the public.

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