Day Two, 11.30am - Open Space

This session aims to address this common oversight by featuring three papers, each examining an embedded literary hermeneutics of the queer and/or the ‘crip’ in a range of diverse medieval and nineteenth-century writings: both male- and female-authored, canonical and non-canonical. In so doing, they will aim to dispel the notion of ableist gender heteronormativity as a fundamental premise - and un-critiqued given - during the periods, and within the contexts, under scrutiny

  • Dr Roberta Magnani - ‘Changing Faces: Writing Piers Plowman on Skin’.
  • Prof Liz Herbert McAvoy- ‘Queer Practice: Grafting in the Medieval Garden’.
  • Prof Kirsti Bohata,- ‘Cross-Dressing and Transgender Ventriloquism in Nineteenth-Century History and Fiction’.

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