Day Two, 9.30am - Studio Room

The environment dominates artistic projects such as the ‘Future of Landscape,’ out of which Patrick Keiller’s acclaimed film, Robinson in Ruins, emerged. Likewise, popular interest in environmental issues is evidenced by the high media profile of TV programmes such as those presented by Bruce Parry (Amazon and Arctic) and by public interest in the endeavours of those who confront Earth’s wild spaces (e.g. Ellen McArthur). Papers will cover such topics as: green cosmovisions in film; animal-based philosophy inspired by ancient Mesoamerican ideas and indigenous animals; geographical wildernesses (natural and/or urban environments) and their representation in film. New perspectives will be explored: landscape, for example, can be seen as dynamic rather than static, challenging concepts such as ‘border’, ‘identity’ and ‘tradition, i.e. space without prefixed forms, sometimes known as ‘bioregion’.

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