Day One, 2pm - Mall Room

The Digital Impacts panel aims to bring together and showcase a range of inter-disciplinary research currently being undertaken by colleagues at Swansea University considering a variety of perspectives relating to digital impact.  

  • Dr Leighton Evans- Virtual Worldliness: Understanding the Nature of Virtual Reality
  • Dr William Merrin- Digital War: Launching the New Digital War Academic Journal
  • Dr Robert Laramee, Mohammad Alharbi and Prof Tom Cheesman- MoorVis: Integrated Distant and Close Reading of Othello Translations
  • Dr Yan Wu and Dr Matt Wall- The ties that bind: How the dominance of WeChat combines with guanxi to inhibit and constrain China’s contentious politics
  • Information Services and Systems Digital Humanities Team- Introduction to how the team can help support digital humanities projects
  • Dr Regina Poertner- Digital Tools for Enhancing Economic Literacy Among Further and Higher Education Students
  • Dr Tom Owen- Using AR as a teaching tool on the HoloLec Project

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