Seminar Series

"Classics is often thought of as fusty and elitist. But this year Classics, Ancient History, and Egyptology at Swansea University seeks to challenge that perception. The pandemic, while horrific, has provided opportunities to reconfigure our teaching in radical ways. Remaining face-to-face elements for us include study groups where spirited discussion of topics on which ancient studies can shine a light occurs. It is to complement such study groups that this year we are offering a series of cutting-edge Online Seminars with distinguished international speakers, aimed at both our students and a broader audience, on the thought-provoking theme, ‘Relevant Classics’.'" - Dr Ian Goh,

Held in conjunction with our research groups KYKNOS and OLCAP (Object and Landscape Centred Approaches to the Past), all seminars will be held at 5pm on Mondays. Please sign up to the mailing list by sending an email to Zoom links will be provided closer to the time via the mailing list.

Egypt centre artifact Vase 

Theme: ‘Relevant Classics’

November 9 – OLCAP Keynote Lecture, Clare Rowan (Warwick): ‘The Materiality of the Ephemeral: The Tokens of Roman Italy

November 16 – Roberta Mazza (Manchester): ‘Sappho, Papyrology, and the Material Turn’

November 23 – Hannah Čulík-Baird (Boston): ‘The Fragment and the Future’

November 30 – Ayelet Haimson Lushkov (Austin, Texas): ‘Troubling the Scorer: Livy and the Poetics of Accuracy’

December 7 – Nandini Pandey (Madison, Wisconsin): ‘Writing What You Know? On Being “Diverse” and Researching Roman Diversity’

December 14 – Mathias Hanses (Penn State): ‘“A Fire Kindled in Egypt, Replenished by Greece, Scattered Burning By Rome”: The Ancient Mediterranean in the Works of W. E. B. Du Bois’

All are welcome!

Egypt centre horse artifact

 Pictures from the Egypt Centre.