What our international students say...


You can never imagine the enormous opportunities that Swansea University has to offer its students - the University is supporting over 80 societies where you can meet and rub shoulders with like minds and connect with a network of people, you have the opportunity to interact with cultures and appreciate diverse languages, take employability workshops, these are great opportunities for your future.

English classes are offered to improve the students who may not be quite fluent in English language, you have up-to-date technologies for study, part-time or voluntary work placement opportunities to build or improve your CV, ever patient lecturers or personal tutors who are always ready to explain or guide you.

There is a huge library where anything you need is available and other student support services that I may not even remember to mention; Swansea Students’ Services won Outstanding Services Team 2013 and not to forget live football matches at the Liberty Stadium and rugby. I love Swansea!

Emilia Emmanuel Epelle.

Hong Kong

My friend was studying in Material Engineering and recommended Swansea University to me. Swansea is a peaceful and pleasant area with a gorgeous coast - Swansea Bay. With the simple living style here, students like me can easily adapt to it and find it really comfortable to live as a resident. Lecturers in Swansea University are all willing to help the international students. Also, the univerisity provided lots of academic help. Money would be an issue to take into consideration and I understand most of the International students may not have too much budget and really want to experience studying abroad. Swansea Univerisity can be an option for you. The low living costs and tuittion fees suited my budget and is one of the reasons why I choose this univerisity instead of other universities. These three years are really an unforgettable experience for me. Soon i will be graduate and leave Swansea. Such a bittersweet moment! Simni Chui


The time I spent in Swansea University is my best study experience ever in my life. When my parents visited Swansea, they were stunned by the location of the University. My mom said, ‘You are so lucky to study in this wonderful place. You could read books by the sea and relax in the park after lectures’. I told my parents that I benefited more than the great environment in Swansea. Studying here helped to lay the foundation of my career that I have now. I work for China Central Television 6 World Film Report programme as a reporter and international producer now. I’m always grateful to my teachers who introduced me to the world of Journalism and Media. The knowledge and experience I gained in Swansea is crucial to my career now.