Gandy at National Assembly for Wales

What degree are you currently studying?

Master of Public Service and Administration from the Bush School of Government at Texas A&M University.

Why did you choose to come to Swansea?

I was really attracted to the opportunity to combine studying abroad with an internship. Completing an internship was a requirement for my degree, and I was excited by the prospect of combining studying new topics with travel. I have studied abroad before, so I knew what programmes I would be interested in. It was an immediate ‘yes’ for me! 

What have you done as a part of your internship programme?

During my internship I worked with an Assembly Member for Plaid Cymru. I spend a lot of time conducting policy research, looking at current legislation and legislation proposals, and reviewing policy reports provided by evaluation committees.

What was your favourite part of your internship programme?

I would definitely say that my favourite part of my internship was the one-on-one interaction with an Assembly Member. It was brilliant to expand my personal connections in the field, and it was great to be able to ask my AM questions and gain insight and support from people that were interested in me learning.

Did your studies at Swansea University prepare you for your internship?

Definitely! The lectures and coursework within the first two weeks were intense. There was a lot of information and I was introduced to a lot of new topics. But once I got into the Assembly I was then able to fully understand what was going on. In the second set of teaching following my internship, I was then able to apply what I learnt in my internship and bring it to class. I participated in class discussions due to my experience in the Assembly. The lectures and the internship work really well together.

What has been your favourite part of studying here at Swansea?

The opportunity to do a lot of travelling was my favourite part of studying at Swansea. I spend a lot of time outside of Wales, exploring near countries such as Ireland, Scotland and England. Swansea is also close to Wales’ Capital, Cardiff. My internship was based there so I visited this city a lot. I also spent time on the beach enjoying the sunny weather and visited Mumbles Castle. It was very quaint! I also went to the Brecon Beacons for the weekend. I would say that Swansea’s location makes visiting other places very accessible. You can get a plane from Cardiff, and there are really great public transport facilities.

What would your advice be to students considering studying in Swansea?

I would say to students: be prepared to work. Time management is really important, especially when juggling an internship, coursework, and travelling. I would highly recommend the campus housing. Its location makes it very easy to get to class. All in all, it was a brilliant opportunity, and my only tip preparation-wise would be to learn a bit about the European Union before you arrive here.