Ideas of Landscape in the Fiction of...

DEPT/SUBJECT AREA - Media and Communication

SUPERVISOR(S) - Dr Leighton Evans and Dr Sian Rees


THESIS TITLE - (Working Title) Incorporating the identity-related needs of visitors with Virtual Reality systems for designing personalized interactive museum experiences.


My thesis aims to explore the interaction between museum visitors and Virtual Reality (VR) systems, incorporating the identity-related needs of museum visitors with the properties of VR systems to develop personalized interactive museum experiences. My research will investigate how participants behave and responses to digital objects and each other in VR systems; what are the identity-related needs of museum visitors; what types of design features in VR systems can evoke a sensual, phenomenal and emotional experience. Consequently, this research aims to make an original contribution in terms of user research and VR application design, break the ‘one size fits all’ museum experience design and create personalized museum experience in virtual reality systems. The research outcome hopes to increase the satisfaction of museum visitors, improve the quality of cultural heritage VR content and provide valuable insights for the design of VR applications in the field of Human-Computer Interaction.

FUNDING                                Self-funded


‘Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique, Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping and the figure of the Housewife’ at ‘Marilynne Robinson Symposium’-Nottingham Trent University (10 June 2016).

‘Remapping an indigenous presence in Louise Erdrich’s The Round House’ at ‘Memory and Identity’-Swansea University (28 September 2018).