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From Boeotia to Achaea: The Development of Federalism in Greek Antiquity

Image of Thomas Alexander Husoy

DEPT/SUBJECT AREA: Classics, Ancient History and Egyptology

SUPERVISOR(S): Dr Maria Pretzler, Prof. Mark Humphries. 


THESIS TITLE: From Boeotia to Achaea: The Development of Federalism in Greek Antiquity


After a BA Joint Honours in Ancient History and History at Swansea University, and an MSc in the Hellenistic World at the University of Edinburgh, I decided to return to Swansea University to do a PhD focusing on the development of federalism in the Greek world from sixth to the second century BCE. My current research is looking into a variety of evidence and factors leading to the development of ethnic identity and federalism, including mythological, textual, epigraphical and archaeological. The project examines several regions in Greece and beyond including Boeotia, Phocis, Arcadia, Italiots, Achaea etc, before the final chapter will investigate common factors and the legacy of Greek federal states. The project will, therefore, produce a comprehensive work establishing the evolution of ethnic and federal identities in Greek Antiquity and their legacy.


Swansea University Postgraduate Tuition Fee Bursary.

Classical Association Greek Summer School Bursary.