Rewriting Women into History: A study of Feminist Mesanarratives

image of Kamand Kojouri

DEPT/SUBJECT AREA  Creative Writing

SUPERVISOR(S) Dr Francesca Rhydderch, Dr Anne Lauppe-Dunbar


THESIS TITLE: Rewriting Women into History: A Study of Feminist Mesanarratives 


My research explores the feminist approach in creating individualised narratives, what I call mesanarratives (mesa meaning ‘into or within content’), by critically examining three historical fiction novels that were published during third-wave feminism: Diamant’s The Red Tent, Atwood’s Alias Grace, and Chevalier’s Girl with a Pearl Earring.

A feminist mesanarrative is an attempt at bringing the smaller narratives at the forefront while deconstructing the sexual politics and language of misogyny.


The Eternal Dance: Love Poetry and Prose (published in March 2018)

Chapter 1 of Ada (my Masters historical novel) published in CityNovel 2016 Anthology