Pentecost Descended: Religion and Nature in the Novels of Willa Cather

DEPT/SUBJECT AREA - English Literature

SUPERVISOR(S) - Rachel Farebrother, Richard Robinson


THESIS TITLE - Pentecost Descended: Religion and Nature in the Novels of Willa Cather


This study explores how, and in what ways, the literary interplay of religion and nature guide creative and moral action in Willa Cather’s novels. The project will ask how Cather’s religious interests influenced her beliefs about how the human and natural worlds should best interact, and it will examine Cather’s literary depictions of the interactions of people with the environment, particularly in recurring topics of agriculture, natural environments, architecture, and immigrant and indigenous people. To provide sufficient contrast for analysis, this project will cover five novels: The Song of the Lark, My Antonia, The Professor’s House, Death Comes for the Archbishop, and Shadows on the Rock.


“Literature @ the Speed of Thought: Hypertext and Tristram Shandy.” ANQ: A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles, Notes and Reviews, Nov. 2018, pp. 1–4. doi:10.1080/0895769X.2018.1537183.


I am an international student, based in Oklahoma, USA. I’m a part of a cooperative program between Swansea University and the University of Central Oklahoma.