Raymond Williams and European Thought

DEPT/SUBJECT AREA - English Literature and Creative Writing

SUPERVISOR(S) - Prof Daniel Williams and Julian Preece

RESEARCH DEGREE (PhD/M.Phil/MA by Research) - PhD

THESIS TITLE - Raymond Williams and European Thought


I am investigating the influence of 20th century European Marxism on the work of the Welsh cultural critic Raymond Williams. My research in particularly focuses on the philosophical and aesthetic intersections between Williams’s pioneering critical work, his novels, and the work of Lukacs, Sartre and Gramsci, three prominent figures within the Western Marxist tradition.


CONFERENCE PAPERS                       

‘How a Welsh European Does Marxism: Antinomies of Place in Raymond Williams’s Cultural Materialism’

‘Signifying Nothing: The Limits of Judith Butler’s Emancipatory Project’

‘Raymond Williams with Frustration: The Long Reception of Georg Lukacs’

‘Raymond Williams and Realism’

‘Freedom is Other People: Raymond Williams on the Plays of Jean-Paul Sartre’

‘Socialism and Secession: Williams and Sartre on the National Question’

‘The Political Third Table: Class and the New Materialism’

‘Between Freedom and History: Williams on Sartre’



No peer-reviewed academic publications at present. Article entitled ‘In Defence of Interesting Times’ forthcoming (2017) in the online edition of Planet: The Welsh Internationalist



COAH PhD Studentship (full scholarship)