Applications of English-Polish-Belarusian Parallel Literary Corpus

image of Angelika PeljakDEPT/SUBJECT AREA: Modern Languages, Translation and Interpreting

SUPERVISOR(S): prof. Tom Cheesman, dr Bob Laramee


THESIS TITLE: Design, compilation and applications of an English-Polish-Belarusian Parallel Literary Corpus


The main goal of the project is to create the English-Polish-Belarusian Literary Parallel Corpus (EPB corpus) and present its applications in various linguistic disciplines, such as translation studies and discourse analysis. The thesis provides the outline of corpus linguistics research and corpus linguistics as a methodology, it addresses as well the problem of the differences in the development of corpus linguistics in the three languages: English (referred to as lingua franca), Polish (statutory national language) and Belarusian (minority language). A substantial part of the thesis consists of the documentation of the process of creating the corpus. Various aspects of the corpus design, text collection and text encoding are presented in the context of availability and usability of numerous tools.


* “Ford Prefect or Volkswagen Golf? On the differences in the Polish and Belarusian translations of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. Presented at 3rd International Young Researchers’ Conference on Translation and Interpreting (Madrid, 4th October 2018)

* “Soft Belarusization – A Shift from Symbolic to Actual Bilingualism?”. Presented at Language, Identity and Education in Multilingual Contexts conference (Dublin, 1st February 2018)

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* “Challenges of translating Belarusian language and culture into English. A case study”. Presented at “Across Boarders: Cultures in dialogue” conference (Tartu, 28th April 2017)

* “Translating Belarusian language and culture: proper nouns in King Stakh's Wild Hunt”. Presented at ASYRAS conference (Barcelona, 26th January 2017)

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* "Death in Polish and Belarusian culture and Polish and Belarusian language". Presented at the 5th Conference of Young Scientists 'East Slavonic Cultures – Faces and Dialogue' (Obrzycko, 28th November 2014)

* "Phenomenon of Belarusian language courses for Belarusians". Presented at the International Conference 'Belarusian Language and Literature: Texts and Contexts' (Warsaw, 11th April 2014)


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* Peljak, A. (2015). Temat śmierci w kulturze polskiej i białoruskiej oraz w języku polskim i białoruskim ('Death in Polish and Belarusian culture and Polish and Belarusian language'). Kultury Wschodniosłowiańskie – Oblicza i Dialog, 5.


Swansea University Studentship: Cross-Language Digital Humanities: Cultural Data