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Research Interests


Dr Lloyd H Davies, Ass. Prof. in Latin American Studies: CEPSAM Director and External Liaison (UK); MA & PhD Coordination & CEPSAM Finance

Research interests: Twentieth-Century Spanish and Spanish-American Novel; Spanish-American Women’s Writing; Spanish-American New Historical Novel; Comparative Literature; Literary Translation

Keywords: The Spanish Novel, The Spanish-American Novel, The New Historical Novel, Women’s Writing, Post colonialism, Translation

Country/Countries of specialism: Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Mexico

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CEPSAM External Liaison International

Dr Brígida Pastor: Honorary Research Fellow, CEPSAM External Liaison International & Grants and Funding

Research interests: Nineteenth-, Twentieth- and Twenty-first century Spanish and Latin American Women´s Writing, Spanish and Latin American Cinema, with special emphasis on Cuban cinema, Gender and Cultural Studies and Spanish and Latin American Children´s and Youth Literature

Keywords: Women´s Literature, Gender and Cultural Studies, Discourse analysis

Country/Countries of specialism: Spain / Cuba

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CEPSAM ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS (organised alphabetically)

Dr Federico López-Terra, CEPSAM Associate Director & Iberian Studies Coordinator

Research interests: Comparative Literature; Cultural Studies; Cultural Semiotics; Iberian Peninsula Comparative Studies; Latin American Studies; Translation theory.

Keywords: Latin America, Cultural Studies, Comparative Literature, Cultural Semiotics.

Country/Countries of specialism: Spain, Portugal, Uruguay

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Dr Geraldine Lublin, CEPSAM Associate Director & External Liaison Wales

Research interests: Patagonia, Argentina, Latin American Studies and Settler Colonial Theory, Spanish-language teaching (English and Welsh medium), Translation & Interpreting.

Keywords: Immigration

Country/Countries of specialism: Patagonia, Argentina

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Mrs Tanya May, CEPSAM Associate Director & Social Media Coordinator

Research interests: Latin American radical left, XXI Socialism, Chavismo, Political discourse, human rights

Keywords: Venezuelan diaspora and testimonio.

Country/Countries of specialism: Venezuela, Cuba.

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Dr Rocio Pérez-Tattam, CEPSAM Associate Director & Research Seminar Series; Liaison with UK Universities and other Research Centres

Research interests: My research interests and expertise lie in the general areas of applied linguistics, Romance linguistics, and more specifically in the areas of second language acquisition, bilingualism and psycholinguistics. I am interested in linguistic and environmental factors (e.g. socio-economic status, context of exposure to the two languages, etc.) and their effect on the acquisition of grammatical phenomena in English and Spanish (e.g. compound nouns, tense and aspect, grammatical gender). I am also interested in the application of this type of research to the teaching of foreign languages and translation.

Keywords: Second language acquisition, Bilingualism, Spanish language, Translation

Country/Countries of specialism: Spain, United States

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Dr Patricia Rodríguez-Martínez, CEPSAM Associate Director, Web Moderation & Outreach Liaison

Research interests: My research interests and expertise lie in the general areas of Poetry and more specifically in the areas of Afro-Latin American Studies (poetry, novel, short stories, film and drama). I am also interested in Community Interpreting and the impact on refugees and asylum seekers in terms of accessing the statutory services, which they are entitled to in the UK and Europe, in general. Another specialism is in the area of medical and business translation and interpreting.

Keywords:  Afro-Latin American Studies, Poetry, Literary Translation, Public Service Translation, Interpreting and Simultaneous Conference Interpreting

Country/Countries of specialism: Colombia, Spain, UK

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