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Research Interests

Dr David Aldous

Research Interests: Paulo Freire ideas and how they can be used to generate forms of educational activism and emancipation within Welsh communities.

Keywords: Sociology of education,  critical pedagogy,  social theory,  qualitative methodologies

Countries of specialism: Brazil, Wales

Dr Tilmann Altenberg

Research interests: comic

Countries of specialism: Cuba, Mexico

Dr Ceire Broderick

Research Interests: Latin American literatura & culture

Countries of specialism: Chile

Dr Andrew Dowling

Research Interests: Catalan history

Countries of specialism:  Spain (Barcelona)

Dr Sian Edwards

Research Interests: Politics & History; National identities in Spain (Catalonia)

Countries of specialism:  Spain

Dr Ryan Prout

Research Interests: Visual Cultures, Disability and Illness Narratives, Spanish and Latin American Film and Literature.

Countries of specialism:  Spain

Dr Beatriz Rucio-Arribas

Research Interests: Fictional Representations of the Spanish Civil War and Post War Spain: a feminine perspective

Countries of specialism: Spain

Dr Joey Whitfield

Research Interests: Latin American literature and film, prisoner writing, testimonial texts and creative writing by anarchists

Countries of specialism: Cuba, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Bolivia and Brazil

Dr Barbara Ibinarriaga-Soltero

Research Interests: Mindfulness-based interventions, meditation and contemplative practices in general, history of Buddhism in Mexico, pedagogical approaches in teaching meditation/mindfulness, methods in studying mindfulness. 

Keywords: Mindfulness, Buddhism, Mexico, qualitative research, research methods, contemplative practices.

Countries of specialism: Mexico

Dr Sara Delamont

Research Interests: Ethnography

Keywords: Qualitative Research, Performativity, Embodiment, Capoeira

Countries of specialism: Brazil

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Dr Agustin Valera-Medina

Research Interests: Engineering