‘Green Hispanisms: Some Insights and Opportunities’

Wednesday 29 May 2019: 2.15 pm Keir Hardie Room 302

Professor Terry Gifford (Universidad de Alicante and Bath Spa University)

Terry Gifford is a founder of British ecocriticism and an original member of GIECO (Grupo de Investigación en Ecocrίtica) in Spain. He is currently a Senior Research Fellow and Profesor Honorífico in the Department of Filología Inglesa at the Universidad de Alicante and Visiting Research Fellow in Environmental Humanities at Bath Spa University. Currently preparing a second edition of his book Pastoral (1999), he is the author of Green Voices (2nd ed. 2011), Reconnecting with John Muir: Essays in Post-Pastoral Practice (2006) and writer/editor of seven books on Ted Hughes, most recently Ted Hughes, Nature and Culture (2018). He has contributed to two readers in ecocriticism published in Spanish (2010 and 2018).

This lecture will begin with an introduction to ecocriticism entitled ‘Why the Moors Won’ which begins with water as a resource in the ‘Costa Blanca’, the implications of sea level rise and the rationale of ecocriticism in the Anthropocene. A history of the three phases of the development of ecocriticism leads to an argument for the need for a post-pastoral theory of cultural production, including ‘digital ecology’. The developments in Spanish ecocriticism are considered before those of the wider Hispanic world. Throughout this talk possibilities for further research will be identified and specific examples of current research in these fields cited.

All welcome. Admission free.

Coordinator: Dr L.H. Davies