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'I decided to study at Swansea because of its great location near the beach and its comfortable distance from my hometown of Cardiff. Originally I had planned to study history as a degree, but wanted to focus on American history, which a lot of universities don’t do. My A-Level history teacher mentioned Swansea University had a very good American Studies programme, and when I researched it  I saw that it accommodates a lot of different subjects like history, politics and literature. The course also allowed for the chance to study at an American university for a year, and seeing how I had always wanted to study at an American university, I could not pass up the opportunity.'image of Sarah Roderick

- Sarah Roderick

'I honestly loved my course. I took American Studies because I wanted to be able to carry on studying politics, history and English, and American Studies let me do this. The broadness of the degree helped to keep everything varied, and by doing a joint honours degree, I was able to contrast the focus on America with World History. Another draw for the American Studies degree is of course the year abroad it offers, and I can certainly say that that experience went beyond my expectations of how amazing it would be.'Image of Paige Skinner

Paige Skinner

'Prior to sending off my UCAS application I called the university and spoke to lecturers within the American Studies department, they took the time to advise me and encourage me to take an interest in the topics I would be studying. Once I had received my acceptance I attended the visit day and had the opportunity to talk to representatives of the department and, again, ask more questions. We had an opportunity to get an insight into the studies we would be undertaking and it just further solidified my choice of course and university.'

Kamile Jankauskyte