Nurturing talented musicians

At Swansea University, we are committed to providing the most talented musicians with access to our world class teaching and facilities, regardless of their circumstances. Music scholarships are awarded on entry to students who can demonstrate musical excellence, to assist them in reaching both their musical and academic potential.

Through The Swansea Fund, we aim to raise sufficient funds each year to award a number of additional scholarships and purchase new musical instruments which will enable talented musicians to flourish.

Thank you for supporting Swansea’s ambition to offer a top class Music Service.

Sophie George - BA History

"My musical scholarship has greatly enhanced my university experience. It has given me more structure to my week and makes me feel like I am part of something special. As it took me a while to settle into university life, getting involved with the choir really helped me with the transition.

It is also so wonderful to be around people who share the same passion for singing that I have. As a humanities student, I have little contact hours and find myself doing a lot of independent learning, which at times can be lonely. The choir gives me something outside the stress of university work and also allows me to sing with like-minded individuals, who I have grown to have great friendships with.

I have decided to save the money from my scholarship and plan to put it towards a master’s degree after my three years of studying, which will ultimately help me become more employable.

Being awarded a scholarship has massively helped me grow in musical ability and confidence. Being able to sing along side extremely talented individuals helps me strive for a better sound. It has also helped me to massively improve my sight reading skills and will be invaluable when I take my grade 8 in classical singing next year."