Medical Research

Medical Research

The Medical School at Swansea University is ranked 1st in the UK for research environment and 2nd for overall research quality. We aim to support the University’s distinctive and interdisciplinary approach to research and innovation that has impacted on global health, wellbeing and wealth.

With your support we can raise funds to help translate the highest quality research into extraordinary advances and maintain our high standard for research quality.

Seed Corn Grants

We want to be able to award Seed-Corn research grants to young researchers to provide them with the financial support to build high quality, competitive research proposals. The grant will enable young researchers to use their disciplinary expertise in multidisciplinary contexts, looking to support work that crosses traditional boundaries and potentially saves lives. An example of the extraordinary research undertaken by seed-corn grant winners can be found here.

Extraordinary People – Saving Lives

Over 90% of patients die within five years of diagnosis of lung cancer despite it being the most common cancer type worldwide. Georgina Menzies has undertaken research on the Spectroscopy for early lung cancer diagnosis. The research aims to develop a simple, cost effective and non-invasive test to be used at point-of-care to facilitate early detection of lung cancer.

Final Year Research Projects

We also aim to support final year medical students to provide them with the opportunity to embark on projects throughout the final year of their degree. The grants cost £500 per student and are given on a competitive basis which is independently scored and presented to the students with the top aggregate scores.

Ground Breaking Research

Leah Gray evaluated the service of the Swansea Rape and Sexual Assault Helpline. She proposed to set up a rape crisis helpline at Swansea University that will support female survivors of any form of sexual violence (recent or historical). The helpline will offer specialist support via a confidential telephone line, offering a non-directive listening service that will not be giving advice or judging callers. To find out more please click here