Memorialising the industrial heritage and foundation of the University

Students are at the centre of all we do at Swansea, and a major part of our Centenary celebrations is securing the University’s legacy. This comes at a time when we are facing constraints on our funding, but still planning investment to continue to establish our position as an outstanding University serving Wales and the world.

It is crucial that as we celebrate our past we also demonstrate our commitment to the future by securing long-term funding and sustainability.

The Terne Circle, named to honour Francis W. Gilbertson who was the leading industrial sponsor for the establishment of the University and who became the University's first President in 1920 until his premature death in 1929. The firm of W. Gilbertson & Co. was internationally renowned for its manufacture of terne plate sheeting, with its works mainly based in the upper Swansea Valley.

Our Thanks

The Terne circle recognises those who donate at least £1,000 per year or £83.50 per month.

In thanks for your gift, we will send you regular updates, invite you to an annual event and, with your permission, display your name on the University’s Memorial Wall.

This Circle memorialises the industrial heritage and foundation of the University. As a member, you will make up a vital part of the University community, making a difference to the current and future generation of students, both during their time at the University and in preparing them for a bright future.