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Polly James

Name:  Polly James

Studied: English Literature B.A. Hons

Occupation: Author

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Luke Dee

Name:  Luke Dee

Studied: B(Eng) Mechanical Engineering

Occupation: Components and Assembly Management Engineer (Bloodhound)

Ceri Stilwell

Name:  Ceri Stilwell


BSc Business Management specialising in Finance

Occupation: Product Executive at

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Robert Workman

Name:  Robert Workman

Studied: MSc Ageing Studies 

Occupation: Senior Occupational Therapist 

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Trish Evans

Name:  Trish Evans

Studied: MA Developmental and Therapeutic Play

Occupation: Child Life Specialist 

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Mark Savage

Name:  Mark Savage

Studied: Civil Engineering


Managing Director, O’Rourke Contracting

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María del Carmen Márquez

Name:  María del Carmen Márquez 

Studied:  Telecommunications Engineering 

Occupation:  Ground Station Engineer 

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Stuart Hill

Name: Stuart Hill

Studied: Zoology with Botony and Chemistry (1964)

Occupation: Emeritus Professor and Foundation Chair of Social Ecology

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Gareth Watts

Name: Gareth Watts

Studied: History (2012)

Occupation: Retail Graduate for Boots

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Jim Schofield

Name:  Jim Schofield

Studied: Computer Science (1995)

Occupation: Wing Commander in the Royal Air Force

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Samantha Webb

Name:  Samantha Webb

Studied:  Egyptology and Ancient History (2009)

Occupation:  Business Consultant with IBM

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Annemiek Ballesty

Name: Annemiek Ballesty

Studied: Business Studies (1989)

Occupation: Vice President, Fossil Group (FOSL)

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Victoria Hinksman

Name: Victoria Hinksman

Studied: Language Studies & TEFL (2004)

Occupation: Owner, Established 1982

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Louise Crathorne

Name: Louise Crathorne

Studied: English (1996)

Occupation: Research Fellow, University of Exeter Medical School

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Victoria Stockley

Name: Victoria Stockley

Studied: Mathematics (2009)

Occupation: Personal Lines Pricing Analyst, Zurich Financial Services.

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Nicholas Marsden

Name: Nicholas Marsden

Studied: Law (2009)

Occupation: Senior Analyst, Standard Chartered Bank

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Leah Starkey

Name: Leah Starkey

Studied: Marine Biology (2011)

Occupation: Tutor, Field Studies Council (FSC)

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Ryan Bennett

Name: Ryan Bennett

Studied: Law (1996)

Occupation: Group Finance Director, EOTH Limited

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Charlotte Casey-Haden

Name: Charlotte Casey-Haden

Studied: Civil Engineering with Year in Industry (2012)

Occupation: Graduate Engineer, GTC Pipelines Ltd

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Matt Smith

Name: Matt Smith

Studied: French and Spanish (1998)

Occupation: Aerospace Battle Manager, RAF 

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Joe Taylor

Name: Joe Taylor

Studied: Sports Science (2002)

Occupation: Performance Pathway Scientist, English Institute of Sport

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Scott Graham

Name: Scott Graham

Studied: English Literature (1992)

Occupation: Artistic Director, Frantic Assembly

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Xosé Rodríguez

Name: Xosé Rodríguez

Studied: MSc Computer Modelling and Finite Elements (2006)

Occupation: Engineer, Tecnicas Reunidas

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Victoria Kidgell

Name: Victoria Kidgell

Studied: PhD in Civil and Computational Engineering (2011)

Occupation: Trainee Clinical Scientist, RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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John Webb

Name: John Webb

Studied: History and English (1989)

Occupation: Senior Vice President, People and Organization, WRIGLEY.

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Michelle Owen

Name: Michelle Owen

Studied: English Language and Communication (2011)

Occupation: Radio Presenter at Nation Radio and Bridge FM

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Jack James

Name: Jack James

Studied: Marine Biology (2003), PhD in Aquaculture

Occupation: Head of Research and Development at AquaBioTech Group.

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Clare Bradley

Name: Clare Bradley

Studied: Sports Science (2003), MSc Computing and Software Technology (2004)

Occupation: Principal IT Consultant, Atkins

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Dominic Reilly

Name: Dominic Reilly

Studied: Zoology (1989)

Occupation: Founder and CEO of “Dom Reilly” (brand of luxury leather goods)

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Kylie Hearne

Name: Kylie Hearne

Studied: Classical Civilisation (2010)

Occupation: Owner of Stardust Boutique

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Nia Bryer

Name: Nia Bryer

Studied: Geography (1996)

Occupation: Director, Old Bell 3 Ltd

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Fleur Hitchcock

Name: Fleur Hitchcock

Studied: English (1983)

Occupation: Published children’s author

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Helen Lewis

Name: Helen Lewis

Studied:Welsh and Politics (1980)

Occupation: Director of Marketing, Unilever

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Feng Liu

Name: Feng Liu

Studied: Masters in Business Administration (2000)

Occupation: Founder and CEO of online business

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Bill Brereton

Name: Bill Brereton

Business (2005)

Occupation: Vice President of Business Development, Mesatek Software

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Charlotte Holland

Name: Charlotte Holland

Studied: International Business Management, Australasia (2012)

Occupation: Project Support Analyst, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services

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Rhian Jones

Name: Rhian Jones

Studied: French and German with Business Studies (2001)

Occupation: Chief Executive Officer, London Welsh Centre

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Debbie Walpole

Name: Debbie Walpole

Studied: American Management Science (2004)

Occupation: Owner and Managing Director of The Borrowers Club

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