Patrick Jones (Sociology and American Literature, 1987)
Poet and playwright. Works include The Guerrilla Tapestry (1995), Darkness is where the stars are (2008)

Charlie Williams (French and English, 1993)
Author of ‘Stairway to Hell’ and the Mangel/Royston Blake series

Chris Walley (PhD Geology, 1979)
Author of two thrillers 'Heart of Stone' and 'Rock of Refuge', as well as the Lamb Among the Stars series

Peter Cottrell (PGCE, 1987)
Author of ‘The Anglo-Irish War’, ‘The Irish Civil War 1922–23’ and ‘The War for Ireland’

Rebecca Tope (English and Philosophy, 1969)
Author of three murder mystery series. Books include ‘The Sting of Death’, ‘A Market for Murder’ and ‘A Cotswold Killing’

Neil Morris (German, 1968)
Author of children's books and information books including 'Impact of Environmentalism: The Landscape' (2012)

Roger Wooster (English Literature and Language, 1971)

Author of 'Theatre in Education: origins, development and influence' (2016)