Honorary award for adventurer

Gowerton-born television presenter and adventurer Lowri Morgan has been awarded an Honorary Fellowship by Swansea University. Lowri began her career presenting on S4C, and has worked on the World Rally Championship (Ralio+) for the last 10 years. She is also known as a World Class Ultra endurance marathon runner.

Lowri MorganSome of her biggest challenges include the Jungle Marathon and the 6633 Ultra Marathon. Lowri came in the top ten for the Jungle Marathon – a 140 mile race along the Amazon River in Brazil, wading through swamps full of anacondas and swimming through rivers home to piranhas, all this in a temperature of 40ºC and 90% humidity, with 15kgs on her back. She was the only one of 12 to complete the 6633 Ultra Marathon – a 350 mile race through the Arctic. She had run 350 miles in 174 hours and eight minutes, in temperatures as low as -40ºC and is only the sixth person to ever complete this race.

Lowri’s adventures don’t stop there, she has sky-dived from planes, skied some of the toughest mountains and scuba-dived in dangerous waters. She has now completed seven marathons and two Iron Man triathlon races, as well as being one of 80 in the world to have dived to see the wreck of the Titanic.

S4C's cameras followed her adventures in the highly acclaimed Ras yn Erbyn Amser series, which Lowri also produced. The programme won numerous awards including the highest accolade in the Celtic Media Festival, Best Presenter and Best Documentary Series at the 2012 BAFTA Awards.

On her award, Lowri said “It’s an honour to be recognized for doing something that I love, which is working in television, and expanding my personal horizons to discover new ones. Receiving my Honorary Degree is definitely amongst one of the achievements that I’ll always treasure.”

This article appears in Welsh in Sail magazine

A message by Lowri Morgan