Making Music

For many of the brightest and most motivated students, arts and culture may determine their choice of university, whatever subject they plan to study. By building up student music at Swansea, we can help to attract the best young minds to the city, to study, to work and to live. The music they make here will enrich the city and region, enhancing Swansea’s reputation in the wider world, and making a deep and lasting impact on many people’s lives. And through work with local schools, we will use our music making to engage with children on a wide range of topics, including science, education and the arts.

The magnificent Great Hall is home to the Sir Stanley Clarke Auditorium and a wonderful starting point and catalyst for these aspirations, but to realise its full potential for the University and the city, we need additional resources: equipment, instruments, scholarships and rehearsal facilities. We need to create a nationally-leading University Music Service, to recruit, nurture and support our student musicians – and to make their achievements widely known. I hope you will agree that this is an outstanding, once-in-a-generation opportunity.

How you can help


Instrumental, choral and organ scholarships will be a key part of the process of attracting talented musicians to study at Swansea. Worth £1,000 a year, these will make us more competitive in attracting the finest student musicians to Swansea.


The provision of an extensive range of musical instruments is the most fundamental and pressing requirement for the establishment of a music service. With your help we hope to raise £150,000 towards the cost of these.

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If you are able to help, please complete the donation form provided with this publication or contact the Development and Alumni Relations team.

Thank you for supporting our vision.

Dr Ian Rutt, Director of Music