In 2017, Swansea University students took part in two telethon events, the first hosted by the Development and Alumni Relations Office since 2004. During the telethons, 35 of our students spoke to 2,000 alumni across the UK, USA and Canada about developments at the University and offered them a chance to contribute to the Swansea Fund.

Telethon Thank YouWe were overwhelmed by the generosity of our donors, raising an incredible £200,000, and we would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who contributed worldwide.

The Swansea Fund is used in support of students across the University where the need is greatest:

  • Academic Excellence Scholarships awarded to the most gifted applicants (both undergraduate and postgraduate)
  • The Student Experience – scholarships for academically gifted students who also excel at sport or music, as well as musical equipment
  • Student hardship – For students under significant financial pressure

Funds are also channelled into medical research, allowing us to provide seed-corn funding to young researchers, enabling them to build high quality, competitive research proposals, to support work that crosses traditional boundaries and potentially saves lives.  

With your generosity, through the Swansea Fund, we are making a huge difference to the current generation of students and to medical research.