Dominica Khoo from Malaysia was one of the first participants in Swansea University's reciprocal student exchange programme with Texas A&M University.

After graduating in 2015, Dominica pursued an MRes in Nanotechnology at Swansea and then PhD studies at the University of Bath where she continued working with a former colleague from Calon Cardio Technology, a heart pump company based at Swansea University. Her research focuses on 3D models and case study simulations of commercial heart pumps and aims to help the medical community to understand the cause of haemolysis (red blood cell damage) in cardiac disease patients.

Dominica giving a presentation.

In 2018 Dominica accepted a role as a Mechanical Analysis Engineer at Dyson in Kuala Lumpur where her work involves structural robustness analysis of Dyson products, plastic moulding diagnosis, motor vibration analysis and delivering technical insight.

"My favourite aspect of my job is presenting our new technologies to academics, specialists, business owners and journalists throughout Southeast Asia. Even though I am a medical engineering graduate, my degree provided me with a strong foundational knowledge in material properties, manufacturing processes and computational skills and has made me into a well-rounded engineer, allowing me to contribute my vast knowledge and expertise in different aspects of engineering."

"My semester in Texas definitely made me more adaptable in ‘foreign’ environments. No matter where I go I feel instantly at home, as I do travel a lot for my work. It has developed my personal flexibility, ability to reach compromise, focus and succeed through challenging times. The experience allowed me to mature and develop social poise, and to confront challenges outside my familiar support network and comfort zone.

"I wouldn't have become who I am today without the guidance and support of my professors at Swansea..."

I wouldn't have become who I am today without the guidance and support of my professors at Swansea who were always very encouraging and supportive of my academic career.  They have inspired me so much and I hope I have made them proud."

Dominica at a Texas A&M University game.