"Swansea has been so much more than just an academic institution for me; I have found home, community, and a family here. I am thrilled to be staying with the university and I'm so hopeful for the future. Swansea University has helped me achieve dreams that I never thought possible."

Bronwen Winters

When times were tough for American studies student Bronwen Winters, the University’s Hardship Fund meant she did not have to give up on her studies. Bronwen had to overcome many hurdles to get into university. After being in care for most of her life and moving home more than 30 times, she was then faced with the trauma of her bank refusing to offer her an overdraft. 

Thanks to the support of the Campus Life team and the Hardship Funds, Bronwen was able to secure safe accommodation at Hendrefoelan Student village Browen said:

“The money and support enabled me to make much more out of my life than I thought I would be able to.”

Not only did Bronwen refuse to let the difficulties get her down, but she also became an ambassador for the Reaching Wider campaign, an organisation that breaks down barriers for those from non-traditional backgrounds. A keen campaigner, Bronwen has also taken part in the University’s annual telethons, raising funds for students facing the same predicament as her. She added:

“The fund saved my future – if I had to drop out of university there would have been no way back. It’s provided me with the opportunity to give back in a meaningful way.”

Bronwen excelled in her American studies degree and is looking forward to starting her Master’s in Communication, Media Practice and Public Relations, this September. Sadly, there are many students with stories similar to Bronwen’s, with on average more than 700 students applying to the Hardship Fund every year. They can help provide assistance for things such as food, bills books, equipment, accommodation and childcare. Every contribution is worthwhile and provides vital funds for people like Bronwen.

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