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Mission Squash is an intensive urban youth enrichment program that combines academic coaching, squash training, and community service into one all-encompassing experience for students in grades 6 to 12.

The program, at no cost to their families aims to give youth from underprivileged homes the opportunity to make a better future for themselves by staying in school, graduating and aspiring to college while at the same time improving their health and fitness through the game of squash. Opportunities such as camps and tournaments are incentives that motivate students toward academic excellence. It literally takes them out of their existing environment to show them new possibilities.

The programme has so far delivered more than 800 hours of homework help, one-to-one tutoring, in-school advocacy, examination preparation, trips and life skills programming for its participants.

The outcomes for the Mission Squash initiative include increases in grades in English, Maths and Sciences and 28% fewer school absences compared to peers.