Made Offer Terms and Conditions

1. Important information about your offer and student contract with Swansea

1.1 These terms and conditions apply to you if you have received an offer from Swansea University (the “University”) setting out the details and conditions for admission to one of the University’s programmes commencing in 2019 or deferred to 2020.

1.2 If you decide to accept this offer, a contract will be formed between you and the University. Your rights and obligations to the University and the University’s rights and obligations to you arising under that contract are set out in the documents listed below which form the terms and conditions of your student contract. You should therefore read this document (and those listed below) carefully and familiarise yourself fully with its content (together with the contents of the documents, regulations, policies and procedures to which it refers), before accepting your offer.

Please refer to the  Made Offer Terms and Conditions 2019 for the full policy.