Guarantees and Eligibility

Student Category

Accommodation Guarantee

Student Category

We allocate students based on your category:

 Undergraduate (1st Year)

    • This means that you have not previously studied at Swansea University.

Returner/Continuing (2nd, 3rd Year etc.,)

    • Have already studied and / or have lived in Swansea previously.

Postgraduate (Masters Course) / PHD Students

    • New and returning students continuing to study.

Health Science Course (Nurse, Midwife etc.,)

    • If you are studying a medical course, whether, through the College of Medicine or Human & Health Science, you may be on a Non-Standard Course length:

Other / Part-Year, Exchange etc.,

    • Students Studying abroad or visiting from another university.

Undergraduate Guarantee

1st Year Undergraduate Students 

You are guaranteed accommodation for the next Academic Session if you:

  1. Have chosen Swansea as your 1st choice university &
  2. Applied for accommodation by the 30th June &
  3. Confirmed your acceptance to study by the 20th August

The guarantee is for a room in residences, WE DO NOT guarantee specific rooms, blocks or particular residence sites.

This means to be guaranteed a place in residence you must be studying full-time, meet the terms of your offer from Swansea and apply for accommodation by 30 June.

  • This does not apply to Insurance, Clearing and Late applications.

We try to extend this to insurance and clearing students when we can. 

Applications received after 30 June are allocated by date alongside Insurance and Clearing students.

Some residences are very popular and heavily subscribed therefore we do not guarantee a place in a particular residence.

Offer to Study Held
Type of Offer
Unconditional Firm
You have an offer to study with no conditions attached.
Conditional Firm
You need to meet criteria set out in your offer letter, such as exam results
Swansea is your 2nd choice university
You are coming through the UCAS clearing process
Foundation, Exchange
Non full Degrees

Postgraduate Eligibility

International Postgraduate Students

  • Priority for university residences is given to international postgraduate students
  • All international postgraduate students are eligible to apply for university accommodation

UK Postgraduate Students

  • We will have some rooms available in university residences for UK postgraduate students. Additionally, Student Accommodation Services (SAS) will assist UK postgraduate students to find private sector housing.
  • For further information on finding accommodation in the private sector please see SAS Lettings

See our Accommodation Allocations Policy

Applied after 30th June?

What happens if I apply after the 30th June?

  • As an Insurance, Clearing or Late applicant, we may still have accommodation available and will allocate in line with our allocations policy.
  • Please see: Regulations & Brochures. for more information on all our policies and procedures.
  • In the event that that we are unable to house late applicants we will hold a Housing Fayre where students will be assisted in finding private sector accommodation.