Your new address

Your address is your Site Code, flat number, room number. E.g. if you are HSV234/07 is Hendrefoelan Flat 234, Room 7, (See Tenancy Agreement sent to you for details). The flat number does not relate to floor number.

For information on addressing UK & International mail, see: Royal Mail Guide Addressing Your Mail


Hendrefoelan Student Village

Advice on delivery in the UK, see: Royal Mail Top Tips for Sending Mail 

Flat/House NoPostcode

Flat/House No

68 - 77 SA2 7PZ 166 - 195 SA2 7QN
80 - 135 SA2 7QG 196 - 233 SA2 7QW
136 - 165 SA2 7QL    

Where do I collect my Post?

The reception will sign for any mail/parcels and will send an email sent to your student account to let you know. You should bring with you proof of identity (your student ID card) when you come to collect your parcel. 

Reception is located in House 40 next to the Spar Shop. 

For information on addressing UK & International mail see  Royal Mail Guide Addressing Your Mail.

Advice on delivery in the UK see: Royal Mail Top Tips for Sending Mail 

Moving or Departing??

Don’t forget when you move to redirect your mail and update your Intranet AccountSeeRedirecting your mail for more information.

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There's a lot to know about living on campus!

We have guidance on Safety information, where to eat around campus, what you can do on and off campus, how to get around and even where you can wash your socks! Visit all of our Resident information here.

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